Investigation of osmosis

Osmosis research for your polyester boat or yacht 

Osmosis is a common problem that occurs with older but also newer polyester boats, ships and yachts.

What is osmosis?

This is a process in which water penetrates the polyester and enters a chemical reaction with the acids in the polyester laminate. The layers in the polyester are pressed apart, and blisters are formed. 

Osmosis can only be detected by thorough investigation of the underwater ship. A properly measured moisture measurement of the polyster laminate not only provides information about the amount of water that has penetrated the laminate, but also about the risk of osmosis occurring or the presence of this phenomenon. This is of great importance when buying or selling a vessel. After all, you are not waiting for problems afterwards!

Once osmosis has been established, the following can be done:

A professional osmosis treatment

This is the most expensive option, but it offers the best results. The osmosis is tackled and removed throughout the ship. Because this solution is very expensive, you must first check carefully whether such an investment is justified.

Small-scale repairs

If the costs of professional treatment exceed your budget, you can opt for this less expensive option. Performing small-scale osmosis repairs ensures that the osmosis does not develop further. This approach does not offer a solution for the total problem, but postpones the bad consequences.

Do nothing about it

Osmosis is a relatively slow process. It will therefore probably take years before the hull of your yacht is in such a bad condition that sailing becomes irresponsible. However, choosing to proceed further means that the eventually necessary repair will cost more than if you had the problem addressed immediately.

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