skin thickness measurement and flat inspection

If you are considering purchasing a steel or aluminum boat, it is advisable to have a skin thickness measurement or a flat inspection carried out.No matter how good the underwater ship looks, it may be compromised by insufficient protection, incorrect or insufficient anodes, or poor electrical installation or insulation. Certainly if bacterial corrosion has developed in, for example, a tank, this process is faster than you think.

Because most ships corrode from the inside, it is important that the inside of the hull is thoroughly inspected alongside the outside.

Also in connection with the maintenance, having the skin thickness measured is essential. In addition, many insurance companies request a "flat report". Proof that the underwater vessel of a metal boat is in good condition. Hendrik Jan Musch has equipment that can be used to measure through layers of paint. It is therefore not necessary to delete the preservation layers. In addition, the thickness of the paint layers can be measured. We also assess the rudder and rudder bearings, the propeller, the propeller shaft bearing, anodes and the bow or stern propeller tunnel. 

Important: in order to be able to perform the skin thickness measurement properly, the ship must be on land and possibly sprayed clean. For questions, more information or an appointment,  Please contact us