Gas inspection for your yacht.

Why a gas inspection?

To find out if the gas installation on board your ship is safe, you can have a gas inspection carried out. If the installation is approved you will receive it;

 HISWA certificate "gas safe" 

This certificate indicates that the installation complies with ISO 10239 (the standard for gas installations on board for pleasure craft). Various insurance companies give a discount on their premiums if this certificate can be submitted. Operators of marinas etc. are also increasingly requesting this certificate (including their passers-by). An additional reason to have an approved gas installation (with gas certificate) on board is because it is mandatory if you are sailing in the RPR area. This applies to the Rhine in the Netherlands, the Waal and the Lek.

How does a gas test work:

The gas installation is tested according to the HISWA / intechnium checklist. This includes matters such as gas tightness, function and operation of the gas pressure regulator. The operating pressure and closing pressure of the system are checked. Pipes and hoses are assessed as well as the gas bottle locker. Various consumers are inspected (including on the thermocouple). If the gas installation is not approved during the inspection, the gas inspection is converted into a gas recommendation. After solving the problems, a gas inspection can be carried out again, after which the certificate can be issued. 

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