Purchase Inspection

After a long search, you have finally found the yacht that meets all your requirements, and you are ready to spend a substantial amount of money on it. Everything looks so good. But how do you know if everything is ok? To get security it is wise ask help from an expert before you buy.

In consultation we will perform an appropriate survey to give you a sturdy handle to determine, if the proposed purchase is right for you. There are several inspection available:

Fast-primarily inspection

Fast-primarily general visual inspection, the so-called first impression usually achieved within one or two days after order.

Ordinary inspection

Ordinary general (mainly visual) inspection, with possible test run.

Comprehensive inspection

Comprehensive inspection of a yacht in the water, possibly with test run.

Extensive testing on land

Extensive testing of a yacht on land, underwater ship possibly with hull thickness measurement and osmosis research.

Engine inspection and oil analysis

Extensive testing

Extensive testing of all there is to assess, and if necessary also the internal condition of the engine lubricating oil analysis.

All purchase inspections take place after appointment.

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