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Independent nautical yacht surveyor

Hendrik Jan Musch is there for you, when you found the yacht of your dreams and nothing is standing in the way of the purchase, but you are wondering if all is not as it seems.

All the things our technical expertise can help identify. If you are ready to make the purchase, its time to hire a certified professional. It's time to call Yacht expert Hendrik Jan Musch.

Boat inspection

To be sure that the promotions of your new purchase are based on truth, it is wise to call in a shipping expert. Hendrik Jan Musch is such an expert.

Hendrik Jan carries out a suitable purchase inspection in consultation, which gives you the assurance that the intended purchase is actually the right one for you.

Hendrik Jan offers you various purchase inspections:

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Header Banner H.J. Musch Jachtexpert.nl voor Bootkeuringen en Taxaties

Value of the boat

The correct valuation of a boat can be important for countless reasons. One of these reasons is the purchase. No matter how good the ship you have in mind may seem, overpaying is not what you want.

Another important reason can also be the value to be insured. Thanks to thorough knowledge of the current market, an independent expert can advise you well on the current market value of the vessel and assist you with boat valuation.

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Mediation is a form of mediation intended for people who are involved in a conflict and who need an impartial conflict mediator. This "mediator" can take a new or different look at the conflict from a neutral position, without the need for lengthy and costly legal action.

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An absolutely independent nautical expert

Do you want to buy or build a boat? I have the perfect offer for you!

Make an appointment for a phone call with me, and for half an hour you can ask me any question about your ship or the ship you want to buy. You can also ask questions about the motor, or anything else you want to know about yachts.

This half hour of asking questions is completely free of charge, it is an example of the service I offer.

This offer also applies if you have questions about your own ship

Make your appointment now;  tel; 0031612842369

Jachtexpert H.J. Musch bezig met wandinspectie stalen schip

ing. Hendrik Jan Musch

Hendrik Jan Musch is the founder and expert of the company.

During the many years of working in the boating field Hendrik Jan has acquired very broad technical knowledge. Commercial boating, pleasure boating, large boats, small boats everything has been seen by us in the past years. Motors and propulsion are our specialty (Hendrik Jan has 20 years teaching experience in automotive engineering.)

H.J.Musch has the Hiswa and the Inspectie Verkeer en waterstaat certificate gas assessor.
Also in possession of these EMCI certificates:
Marine Surveyor, Yacht Surveyor, Purchase judge, Appraiser, en Nautical Mediator.

So whatever survey you need, you are at the right place with yachtexpert H.J.Musch.

Certified assessor & nautical yacht expert