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Hendrik Jan Musch B.Eng. is there for you.


If you found the yacht of your dreams and nothing is standing in the way of the purchase…
But are wondering if all is not as it seems…

Is the ship as good as the salesman said??

Is the engine trustworthy ??
And all the other things our technical expertise can help identify.
If you are ready to make the purchase, its time to hire a certified professional.

At that time you need to make an appointment with Hendrik Jan Musch

An absolutely independent nautical expert.

Do you want to buy or build a boat?

I have the perfect offer for you!!

Make an appointment for a phone call with me, and for half an hour you can ask me any question about your ship or the ship you want to buy.

You can also ask questions about the motor, or anything else you want to know about yachts.

This half hour of asking questions is completely free of charge, it is an example of the service I offer.

This offer also applies if you have questions about your own ship

Make your appointment now !! 0612842369